After it was established, Me ’N Mines Media focused its efforts on
helping cruiserweight boxer Yahu “Rock” Blackwell build an
online presence that has naturally extended offline and into other
media platforms. Using a custom blueprint specifically designed for
Mr. Blackwell’s goals of wanting to up his online profile while delving into the tech world, Me ’N Mines Media has led the charge in rebranding the 16-0 boxer by securing interviews and write ups with Forbes, TMZ and other online publications as well as several guest
appearances on Bravo’s groundbreaking and popular reality television
show. Me ‘N Mines Media also helped Mr. Blackwell increase his philanthropic efforts by establishing a partnership with him and the local Boys and Girls Club chapter in his hometown of Baltimore, MD.

Capitalizing off of his growing popularity, 2018 looks to be promising
for Me ’N Mines Media’s most active client. Mr. Blackwell has multiple deals offered.
Promotions and is set to be the face of Crypto Boxers, a global and eventually mobile
boxing app that pits gamers against gamers while giving them an
opportunity to win prizes. Retired boxing referee and legend Joe Cortez is also in the game. Crypto Boxers is slated to be released in the summer of 2018.