About Us

Me ‘n Mines, Inc. was a long time in the making. Conceived by a team
of thinkers, the company is the brainchild of forward thinkers. Who
consider themselves family. From that brotherhood came a company that
upholds the code of ethics from life and business that holds them to
the highest of standards.

This code of ethics naturally extends to our clients, who we have gone
above and beyond for and delivered results time and time again. We
greet every challenge and obstacle with laser focused determination.
This is not for someone trying to get discovered off of one YouTube
video; this is for the person who understands the importance of
long-term goals and could have their entire lives changed in a few
short months.

On multiple occasions and on many levels, we have beaten out our
competitors. That’s includes media online and off line. We’ve worked with many high level celebrities, executives from top firms,
organizations and many local businessmen and women. We hold our own at
every turn and have been recognized and rewarded for our hard work and
professionalism on every level.

If you’re online then your business is our business. We provide online
branding and create or increase current revenues online. Our market
percentage 3% converion of interaction is considered good range. About 43% is ours as a network.

We take our clients’ success extremely serious. No matter where you
are whether you’re just starting out or would like grow, we will work
with you.  From websites to mobile apps, we will walk you through the
entire process. We even offer consultation. There is no area where we
are currently working or networking in. From concept to design to
production to launch, we are with you every step of the way. We have
done it countless times before and we are ready to do it for you.

Realistic budgets are required and references can be given at that
time. We look forward to a successful and lucrative working
relationship with you.